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How to choose a good winery

As your friendly neighborhood wine professional will tell you, great wine is made in the vineyard. Without quality grapes, making the kind of different wines conscious consumers crave is just about impossible.

So first and foremost, wine lovers on the hunt for a great wine will want to select a good bottle of wine made from grapes stewarded with the highest standards in place. Those standards provide for great taste and an enjoyable experience. They also offer an opportunity to learn more about best practices and share that insight with friends…over a delicious glass of wine.

What is a “Good” Wine?

Good wine is more than a delicious adult beverage that delightfully engages the senses—one that might be vibrant on the nose, fruity and silky on the palate, and long and graceful on the finish, though that’s important. Good wine is an experience.

Good wine is an opportunity to endorse attentive agricultural techniques that not only make for memorable flavor, but keep ecosystems healthy and don’t waste finite resources. We’re looking for winemakers that embrace the connectedness between climate change and agriculture and are consciously working to be on the solutions side of that relationship. Good wine treats the environment, livestock and workers with respect, and is crafted in a way that can be cultivated for generations to come—a must for us wine appreciators.

Good wine harmonizes with the earth and Mother Nature. The wine in your glass is the product of these on-the-farm efforts. And once it’s poured, its rich story provides conversation that all can participate in, that will guide your path to expertise, and will keep you coming back for your next taste.

In sum, a good wine is one that brings deliciousness and enjoyment with the bottle. How do you choose such a wine? Use the guideposts below, and we think you’ll find your way!

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